Pitbull MMA is a combination of various Martial Arts Styles teaching Semi-Contact Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Boxing, Thai, Street Self Defence, Weapons Defence, Pressure Points, Strength and Fitness Training, Weight Management, Kids, Adults, Personal Training and Lots Lots More!

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Proven benefits of Martial Arts for young people include:

  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Improved Study Skills
  • Fitness and Flexability
  • Good Manners
  • Enhanced Confidence
  • Respect For Self and Others
  • An Outlet For Overactive Children
  • Burn Calories and Lose Weight
We have an exciting range of action packed classes for kids from 3 years+ Whether your looking for a fun after school activity, or your child is suffering with bullying or low confidence/self esteem, we have the solution here!

The Pitbull Pups and Pitbull Terriers Program takes children from the age of only 3 years old! It is designed to introduce your child to the amazing world of martial arts!

Your child will have a chance to interact with other children, learn discipline, Improve their motor function, balance, co-ordination as well as learning exciting techniques from our revolutionary syllabus! It will give them good healthy exercise and is a gateway for them to start pursuing a positive life journey of martial arts training!

Week by week you will see their confidence grow and our Instructor team will be happy to work with you to help you with their development both in and out of the club! Perhaps they are picking on a sibling or keep annoying your cat? Well a word from our Instructors for them to tackle these problems can be known to work wonders! Likewise we feel it important to praise the children on their achievements both in the club and in their everyday lives and as such we believe in working closely with parents to achieve this!

Pitbull MMA was founded by Chief Instructor Paul Walsh. Though his former carear as a Youth Worker he has a proven track record and vast experience in working with young people to engage them in positive, empowering, life changing activities.

The world out there these days is a dangerous place to be for your average young person. You can't pick up a paper these days without reading about someone else being attacked whilst walking home for no apparent reason. Drugs and Alcohol are freely available to most young people as well as peer pressure to commit crime and anti-social behaviour.

Most schools will deny they have bullying problems but this is rubbish! All schools have bullies and the damaging effects these bullies can have on a young person can be devastating! Martial Arts are an excellent way to combat all these problems! They will empower a young person to have the confidence to say NO! They will teach them invaluable skills to stay safe and protect not only themselves but the ones they love and care about!

Martial Art Training will give them the confidence and skills to ensure they don't become a victim of bullying or assault. All these skills and values are delivered through a structured syllabus of fun filled activities, drills and games. Progress is marked through a belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colours until black. Testing for each new level (grade), generally every 3 months, is a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.

At Pitbull MMA we teach all our young students about stranger danger, and give tips on how to stay safe on the streets. We believe in the importance of working closley with the parents/guardians of the students to tackle any issues the young person may be experiencing outside of the club and will aim to address these problems with your help. There is no better way to channel a young persons excess energy than into a Pitbull MMA Martial Arts Class. Independant research has found that Children who study Martial Arts acheive much more in their acedemic studies.

Benefits of Kickboxing at a glance

  • Improved Balance and Flexibility
  • Increased Fitness
  • Great for Weight Management
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Great Fun Stress Relief
  • Conditions Body and Mind

A large part of the syllabus at Pitbull is based on Freestyle Kickboxing. It is a great fun way to learn to punch and kick effectively with good acuracy and power! It will teach you how to move correctley and will greatly improve your balance, flexibility, explosive power, co-ordination and fitness.

Kickboxing is a fantastic way to burn calories whilst learning something fun! You will rapidly learn a vast array of impressive punches and kicks and will get a chance to blow off steam whilst pounding away at shields and bags.

It is suitable for men, women and children and with pitbull's Family Classes this can be a hobby you can all enjoy together! Pitbull's qualified Instructors will guide you step by step through the amazing techniques and show you how beneficial Kickboxing can be!

Benefits of Karate at a glance

  • Improved Balance and Flexibility
  • Develop Power Striking/Blocking
  • Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Make New Friends and Increased Social Skills
  • Increased Mental Focus and Inner Strength
  • Calorie Burning and Improved Muscle Tone
  • Great Fun and Suitable for all Ages
  • A Great Outlet for Day 2 Day Stress
  • Positively Conditions Body and Mind

Chief Instructor Paul Walsh and Instuctor Lauren Walsh both hold black belt status in Karate. Paul started training in Wado Ryu back in 1988. He has since trained in Goju-Ryu and Shotokan and truely belives in the benefits of the Art.

Karate if taught correctly is a great way to condition the mind and body and to develop inner strengh and incredible striking power. It is a great way to learn about Ki power and to breathe correctly.

The best elements of Karate are taught as part of the Pitbull Syllabus. In the near future Pitbull will look to run an additional class soley to teach the Traditional Art.

There are some good Karate drills to condition your hands and turn them into powerful weapons. These drills will teach you to punch with correct technique and without causing injury to your hand! You can then have fun smashing break boards and even striking heavy bags without gloves!

Karate has much emphasis on stance and teaches how a strong stance will allow you to deliver great power in your counter attacks. Its a great tool for developing good timing with your blocks and counters and can also be used to develop great muscular strength!

It is suitable for men, women and children and with pitbull's Family Classes this can be a hobby you can all enjoy together!

Benefits of Taekwondo at a glance

  • Improved Balance and Flexibility
  • Increased Fitness and Great for Toning!
  • Great for Weight Management
  • Increased Strength and Explosive Striking Power
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Great Fun and suitable for all ages
  • Stress Relief and Increased Confidence
  • Learn Amazing Kicking Combinations

The Art of Taekwondo is blended into the Pitbull syllabus to ensure you have the best possible arsenal of lightning fast explosive kicks! As you progress through your belts you will notice more and more jumping, spinning, Taekwondo kicks being introduced!

The rapid moves you will learn are a fantastic way to burn calories whilst learning something fun! You will learn a vast array of impressive punches and kicks and will notice your fitness and flexibility improving with each passing week!

It is suitable for men, women and children and with pitbull's Family Classes this can be a hobby you can all enjoy together! Pitbull's qualified Instructors will guide you step by step breaking down the amazing techniques, taking you on to the next level of Martial Arts excellence!

Benefits of Grappling at a glance

  • Learn to Throw Sweep and Breakfall
  • Learn Patience and Discipline
  • Increases in Strength, Endurance and Flexibility
  • Excellent for Self Defence
  • Increased Co-ordination and Mental Focus
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Great Fun and Relieves Stress
  • Defend Against Bigger Stronger Attackers
  • Conditions Body and Mind

Benefits of MMA at a glance

  • Improved Stamina, Flexibiliy and Coordination
  • Increased Patience and Humility
  • Learn Stand up Clinch and Ground Work
  • Increased Strength and Explosive Power
  • Increased Mental Focus and Self Disipline
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Fastest Growing Sport in the World
  • Stress Relief and Great Fun
  • Conditions Body and Mind

What ever your MMA goals are, Pitbull can work with you to turn them into a reality! Whether you want to train like a UFC Fighter to get fit and in great shape, or your looking to Fight in the Cage, then we can help you achieve your dreams!

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the fastest growing sport in the world and for good reason! It combines the best bits of various Martial Arts to give you a complete fighting system whether your standing, in a clinch or grappling on the floor!

With such rapid growth over recent years MMA Fights / Competions are on the increase. We have had great successes with our fighters so far! This is due in no small part to the passion of all involved, thats both students and Instructors!

We operate a fun friendly club which you can soon be a part of and enjoying meeting new training partners which will soon become good friends!

We can also supply you with a full range of MMA training kit including MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, Rash Guards and much much more!!! Please call for a quote.

Benefits of Weapons Training at a glance

  • Stay Safe! Knife Crime Is On The Rise!
  • Improved Co-ordination and Reactions
  • Great Fun Workout and Brilliant For Toning!
  • Learn How To Defend Against Armed Attackers!
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Competitive Sport - Display Your New Skills!
  • Very Therapeutic and Relaxing
  • Conditions Body and Mind

Knives are used in 4 out of 10 murders of young people in the UK! In the 12 months to December 2020, there were around 46,015 (selected) offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales. 24 children aged just 17 or younger were murdered with a knife or sharp object in 2019. This represents the highest number of children murdered in over a decade!

These are very scary figures but unfortunatley reflect the dangerous times we live in! Here at Pitbull we recognise the dangers and therefore weapons defence is included in our modern syllabus. You will get the chance to learn no noncence practicle skills to discorage and if nessisary disarm your attacker!

We also teach the safe and correct use of a variety of weapons including Nunchucks, Tonfa and Kubaton.

At Pitbull we are aware of the dangers people face on a day to day basis regardless of your age, sex or profession! We unfortunately live in a world dominated by fear and where violence occurs on the streets all too often!

Our syllabus will teach you a no nonsense approach to avoid becoming a victim ideally before the attack even commences. If physical confrontation becomes inevitable then we will show you the best techniques to use to rapidly end the situation whilst keeping you safe both physically and legally. We teach a complete self defence system incorporating dissuasion techniques, distance control, pre-emptive striking, pressure points, joint manipulation, knife defence and much much more!

Our self defence techniques are taught in a controlled environment though various drills and scenario based training. We understand your fears and will introduce the system to you step by step in a fun friendly way as part of your training!

Week by week your knowledge will grow in line with your confidence as you learn to protect not just yourself, but also your loved ones. Your new found confidence will help you in all areas of your life and with the increases in your fitness and positive changes to your body shape a new, better you will gradually evolve!

There is no better way to reach your dream physique than by studying martial arts! The fast paced classes will help you burn calories and fat, lose weight, will tone your body like you never believed possible! A great way to get fit whilst making new friends! We don't expect you to start your classes with the ability to run marathons and will cater the training to your own individual level. We do advise you to get your GP's approval before starting if you have any doubts about your health.

Martial arts is one of the most effective weight-loss activities around. It offers a full-body workout by employing movements that exercise all major muscle groups, as well as incorporate balance and dexterity.

Using punching, kicking and fight stances, individuals work their arms, legs, glutes and core through an activity that is challenging and fun at the same time. Despite martial arts stereotypes, it is not strictly about fighting techniques. It's about improving fitness levels, self-discipline and overall health.

Our Syllabus will start you slowly with warm ups and drills that you will be able to handle and quickly master. Our aim is to build your confidence to allow you to push yourself harder and rapidly improve your fitness level. Our classes are the ideal solution for all your weight loss needs and will offer a natural and sustainable route to keeping your body at its ideal weight.

The martial arts techniques and drills you will learn will rapidly increase your flexibility whilst simultaneously toning the bits you want to get in to shape, ie thighs, bums, tums, chest and arms. We can also offer advice and support on sensible eating and can supply supplements to help you reach your goals whatever they are!

So the big question is how many calories does an hour's worth of martial arts burn? Quite a lot actually. An average 145 pound person engaging in one hour's worth of martial arts can expect to burn approximately 870 calories. In order to burn the same amount, a runner of the same weight would need to run an 8 minute mile for 60 minutes or bicycle at 14 miles per hour for 90 minutes. Comparatively, martial arts is a hot calorie burner.