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Written by Chief Instructor Paul WalshChief Instructor Paul Walsh

Pitbull MMA is a combination of various Martial Arts Styles teaching Semi-Contact Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Boxing, Thai, Street Self Defence, Weapons Defence, Pressure Points, Strength & Fitness Training, Weight Management, Kids, Adults, Personal Training & Lots Lots More!!!

I've been training and teaching in various clubs in various styles of Martial Arts and fitness/bodybuilding over a 22 year period. In this time I've seen lot's of different styles of teaching, some good and some bad. I have longed to find a club/instructor who will during every lesson help me improve my form/technique/power though constructive, empowering criticism, however they are few and far between!

Paul InstructingMany Martial Arts clubs these days are set up out of greed purely for the profit. They are businesses using high pressure sales techniques to recruit new members and are more focused on tying you into a fixed term contract than actually showing you how amazing and beneficial to your mental and physical wellbeing Martial Arts can be. MA taught correctly, can truely be life changing and can develop inner strength and qualities you would never imagine possible!

From this experience I have taken my frustrations and adapted my teaching method so that every class you attend with me and my instructor team, will leave feeling you have gained new knowledge, confidence and insight into the world of Martial Arts. I truly have a passion to help people achieve their dreams and aspirations and be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. My disciplined yet non egotistical, friendly teaching style will instantly put you at ease and will ensure you have a fun experience though your MA journey.

To Many MA styles are narrow minded believing that their ABC style of teaching is all you need to know! For me Martial Arts is a story with no end! As we walk our life path we face fresh challenges every day which require different solutions to solve. Sure the basics all remain the same and I'm a big believer in repetition to train muscle memory and good technique, but I'm also not afraid of change, as change is growth!

Therefore the ever growing/adapting syllabus we will be teaching is constructed from various styles, taking the good bits from each and putting them together to create Pitbull MMA!

I look forward to training you soon,

Best wishes

Paul Walsh

Chief Instructor

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