Weapons Training

Benefits of Weapons Training at a glance:

  • Stay Safe! Knife Crime Is On The Rise!
  • Improved Co-ordination & Reactions
  • Great Fun Workout & Brilliant For Toning!
  • Learn How To Defend Against Armed Attackers!
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Competitive Sport - Display Your New Skills!
  • Very Therapeutic & Relaxing
  • Conditions Body & Mind

Knife Pile

Knives are used in 4 out of 10 murders of young people in the uk!

Knife Crime has recently risen by 10% in just 12 months! During the same period 200 people lost there lives to Knives!

Police recorded 15,313 robbery offences involving a knife and 32,500 offences involving knives or other sharp instruments!

These are very scary figures but unfortunatley reflect the dangerous times we live in!

Here at Pitbull we recognise the dangers and therefore weapons defence is included in our modern syllabus.

You will get the chance to learn no noncence practicle skills to discorage and if nessisary disarm your attacker!

We also teach the safe and correct use of a variety of weapons including Nunchucks, Tonfa and Kubaton.

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Kickboxing Karate Taekwondo
Jujitsu MMA Weapons
Seld Defence Kids Martial Arts Pressure Points
Family Training Fitness and Weight Management

Knife Crime

Don't become a statistic!! Call Pitbull NOW and learn to protect yourself and your loved ones!!

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