Pitbull MMA students have had great success at Tournaments,Competitions & Shows since opening! We have several dedicated sparring classes and cover all levels of contact from light contact points through to full contact MMA. We are well connected on the circuit and can offer you various opportunities to fight at whatever level if you so wish!


Guy Wooding


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Kickboxing Karate Taekwondo
Jujitsu MMA Weapons
Seld Defence Kids Martial Arts Pressure Points
Family Training Fitness and Weight Management



Below is Shane Williams after his win with Chief Instructor Paul Walsh and MMA Coach John Dewis at MMA Mania Sept 2012!

Shane had started training at Pitbull MMA as a complete novice only 12 months before his victory, which is a credit to his hard work and dedication and also the hard work and dedication of the passionate Instructor team!

This could be YOU in 12 months time!


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