Self Defence

Wrist LockAt Pitbull we are aware of the dangers people face on a day to day basis regardless of your age, sex or profession! We unfortunately live in a world dominated by fear and where violence occurs on the streets all too often!

Our syllabus will teach you a no nonsense approach to avoid becoming a victim ideally before the attack even commences. If physical confrontation becomes inevitable then we will show you the best techniques to use to rapidly end the situation whilst keeping you safe both physically and legally.Fence

We teach a complete self defence system incorporating dissuasion techniques, distance control, pre-emptive striking, pressure points, joint manipulation, knife defence and much much more!

Our self defence techniques are taught in a controlled environment though various drills and scenario based training. We understand your fears and will introduce the system to you step by step in a fun friendly way as part of your training!

Week by week your knowledge will grow in line with your confidence as you learn to protect not just yourself, but also your loved ones. Your new found confidence will help you in all areas of your life and with the increases in your fitness and positive changes to your body shape a new, better you will gradually evolve!

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