MMA Classes

A few benefits of MMA at a glance:

  • Improved Stamina, Flexibiliy & Coordination
  • Increased Patience & Humility
  • Learn Stand up Clinch & Ground Work
  • Increased Strength & Explosive Power
  • Increased Mental Focus & Self Disipline
  • Great For Calorie Burning
  • Fastest Growing Sport in the World
  • Stress Relief & Great Fun
  • Conditions Body & Mind

What ever your MMA goals are, Pitbull can work with you to turn them into a reality! Whether you want to train like a UFC Fighter to get fit and in great shape, or your looking to Fight in the Cage, then we can help you achieve your dreams!

Pitbull MMA Fighters After Big Win 2012

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is the fastest growing sport in the world and for good reason! It combines the best bits of various Martial Arts to give you a complete fighting system whether your standing, in a clinch or grappling on the floor!

With such rapid growth over recent years MMA Fights / Competions are on the increase. We have had great successes with our fighters so far! This is due in no small part to the passion of all involved, thats both students and Instructors!

We operate a fun friendly club which you can soon be a part of and enjoying meeting new training partners which will soon become good friends!

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Kickboxing Karate Taekwondo
Jujitsu MMA Weapons
Seld Defence Kids Martial Arts Pressure Points
Family Training Fitness and Weight Management


We can also supply you with a full range of MMA training kit including MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, Rash Guards and much much more!!! Please call for a quote....

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