Karate Classes

Benefits of Karate at a glance:

  • Improved Balance & Flexibility
  • Develop Power Striking/Blocking
  • Increased Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Make New Friends & Increased Social Skills
  • Increased Mental Focus & Inner Strength
  • Calorie Burning & Improved Muscle Tone
  • Great Fun & Suitable for all Ages
  • A Great Outlet for Day 2 Day Stress
  • Positively Conditions Body & Mind

Side Kick


Chief Instructor Paul Walsh and Instuctor Lauren Walsh both hold black belt status in Karate. Paul started training in Wado Ryu back in 1988. He has since trained in Goju-Ryu and Shotokan and truely belives in the benefits of the Art.

Karate if taught correctly is a great way to condition the mind and body and to develop inner strengh and incredible striking power. It is a great way to learn about Ki power and to breathe correctly.

The best elements of Karate are taught as part of the Pitbull Syllabus. In the near future Pitbull will look to run an additional class soley to teach the Traditional Art.

Knife Hand GuardThere are some good Karate drills to condition your hands and turn them into powerful weapons. These drills will teach you to punch with correct technique and without causing injury to your hand! You can then have fun smashing break boards and even striking heavy bags without gloves!

Karate has much emphasis on stance and teaches how a strong stance will allow you to deliver great power in your counter attacks. Its a great tool for developing good timing with your blocks and counters and can also be used to develop great muscular strength!

It is suitable for men, women and children and with pitbull's Family Classes this can be a hobby you can all enjoy together!

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